Cryptocurrency trading education for beginners : Cryptocurrency investment course from scratch

In this article, we offer you an explanation of how to teach cryptocurrency trading for beginners by providing a professional course for trading and investing in cryptocurrencies from zero to professional and from A to Z, Part 1 and 2 through the best safe trading and investment platforms Admiral Markets and an explanation of cryptocurrency trading Binance A free and fast trading education course Encrypted digital electronic currencies for beginners pdf and knowing everything related to trading What is the ruling on trading and what is the difference between trading forex and financial shares on the stock exchange and trading encrypted digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Dash Coin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other currencies Cryptocurrency trading platform for the year 2021-2022

There are more than 3,000 tradable markets in encrypted digital currencies, including Markets Admiral, which has a volume of trillions of dollars in currencies, investment funds, and financial stocks.

And all of this can be done with the largest international companies, in addition to energy sources, precious metals and commodities that provide you with investment opportunities to make money and multiply your capital

It is necessary to note before you start learning to trade digital currencies to provide the appropriate tools and trading platforms to implement the ideas and tips that we will explain to you in this free course and free course to learn trading and investing in digital currencies

Cryptocurrency trading strategies for beginners pdf

The strategies that I learned in the beginner trading courses are as follows:

1- Broker

The trading broker is that place where you deposit your capital that you want to trade in the cryptocurrency or futures market, so that buyers and sellers who own what you want and want to sell to you provide you

For example, investment companies operating under the registered trademark Markets Admiral protect your balance from harmful movements in the market, and offer you the best and highest licenses from:

JSC has many global licenses

UK Financial Conduct Authority FCA license

Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) license

Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority license

CySEC license

2- Trading platform and demo account

The functions of the trading platform and demo account are to display the graphs of the history of the prices of the traded currencies as well as to provide you with the arrangement you need to manage successful, profitable and guaranteed trades

Note that the trading platform is separate from the broker’s trading platform for some people and investors, and in order to facilitate trading for these investors, advanced trading techniques have emerged that combine the two platforms in one place called the Trader Meta trading platforms developed by Admirals and the Binance platform for trading cryptocurrencies easily

You can learn more details about how to trade and invest in digital currencies through the Binance platform in Arabic, visit the following article:

Explanation of the Binance platform (how to register, invest and trade cryptocurrencies)

These platforms for cryptocurrency trading are based on 4 types as follows:

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader WebTrader

Meta Trader Supreme Edition

Secrets of success in cryptocurrency trading and investing for beginners

Success in trading education, especially cryptocurrency trading for beginners, is to learn step by step and divide the details into sections. You have to train on small trading operations as follows:

Time frame

The time frame is knowing the times during which you are trading within the global financial markets, as this helps you make the right decisions in trading, organizes your day and reduces the chances of losing your deal, which guarantees you the success of your investment in cryptocurrencies

There are 3 main trading sessions (GMT) which are:

European session: from 6 am to 5 pm

American session: from 1 am to 9 pm

Asia session: from 10 pm to 5 am

In addition to the availability of 9 different time frames on the charting platform that helps you to delve deeper into the markets and the price movements and fluctuations on the charts during the different periods:

monthly chart

Weekly chart

daily chart

4 hour chart

1 hour chart

30 minute chart

15 minute chart

5 minute chart

one minute chart

You must determine the best markets while trading during the time periods mentioned previously, and there are many markets available for trading and investing in digital currencies, which provide support services and teach currency trading for beginners for free and offer courses to support this, and you can invest later in a professional way through contracts for difference, namely:

Forex market

global indices market

European stocks

UK Stocks (Britain)

US stocks

Stocks and ETFs

energy resources

Precious metals

food commodities


The importance of making decisions to open deals while trading in cryptocurrencies

You must know the tools used to make decisions to open deals during trading, which is the technical analysis concerned with the study of price charts, trading indicators and models formed on the charts.

Where the Trader Meta platform contains a large number of free trading indicators that help identify trends and turning points in the market, and there is the fundamental analysis of studying economic data or company news to determine the trends and turning points that affect them

Risk management techniques for entering and exiting deals, as opening a trading account and placing buy and sell orders requires some training and skill that guarantees profitable deals

Increase your trading experience by following the latest news on the financial markets and learning the latest strategies as well as knowing how professional traders view these markets

Admirals provides you with a daily report, the latest financial reports, trading news, the most important developments, potential opportunities and the necessary technical reports before and during trading in cryptocurrencies

The most important features of the Premium Analytics platform for trading

This platform includes the most important and latest commercial and economic news, as it allows reading all commercial and economic news. Trading, Acuity, Jones Dow Central is one of the best programs that provide economic data

In addition, this platform offers unique trading ideas and opportunities and simple presentation methods to know what the global financial media think about the most popular and famous markets

Steps for trading and investing in digital currencies ((tips for beginners))

If you want to learn trading and the basic elements you need, you can start by following 4 steps, which are the following steps:

Read carefully about the topic

One of the most important steps that help you to support your information and increase self-confidence by making sound decisions while trading is your attempt to increase your information by looking at the education section, reading many articles, communicating with professional traders and benefiting from their experiences

Watch videos of traders

By attending online seminars represented by professional financial traders, you will be able to increase your knowledge and experience in trading, which will make you a professional like them, and it is worth noting that this prevents you from losing in trading and ensuring success and profit

Practice with demo accounts

The practice is to create your own demo trading account to practice what you have learned, and it is an important step to test your knowledge and skills in this account, which increases your confidence and your experience in trading cryptocurrencies

repetition in practice

Practicing and repeating your knowledge by trading on your demo account gives you a greater chance of success, reap abundant profits, earning money, reaching the degree of wealth and financial independence

By insisting on learning to trade, wanting to be a successful financial analyst, and practicing these four steps, you will be able to reach your goal and continued success without a doubt

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