Download the translation program to translate the image with the camera

In this post, we offer you to download the translate screen application, the best program for translating the image with the camera and translating images into Arabic, English, French, Turkish, German and all the languages ​​of the world, the translation application from images and converting them into a written translation easily and with just one click, available in the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple Store Store for iPhone and iPad

Translation has become a necessity in our daily life, especially after the great development with regard to applications and software developers who are always launching new programs that are very useful in communicating with people and other peoples whose language we may not be able to speak and understand well

That's why many people rely on simultaneous translation software and applications on the phone to be able to coexist with other countries

One of the most important translation methods that millions of people around the world search for is the translation of images, as this technology helps greatly in translating the phrases or texts written in front of us that we face in the countries in which we reside, as these applications translate images through the camera

The “Screen Translate” program is considered one of the best of these programs, and the program has been developed to spare us all translation methods, and everyone who is looking for how to translate the image can find his request here in this free program that works online

This program is characterized by simultaneous translation of texts, images and sounds, and you can record your voice in your Arabic or any other language, and the program will translate your speech into the language that you select directly

Features of an on-screen translation program 100% free, fast and instant translator It helps you translate texts by copying and pasting Supports automatic language detection (text - image - voice) Supports translation into English, Arabic, German, French, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and all languages ​​of the world Supports translating the image with the camera by photographing anything in front of you Supports translating images saved in the mobile phone Supports translating audio recordings and songs It is really one of the wonderful and distinctive programs in this field, "Camera translation", and you can now translate the image into text through this super application

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Download Translate Screen APK for Android from here

To download Translate Screen IOS for iPhone from here

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