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In this article facebook marketing course , we offer you an explanation of how to e-marketing via Facebook, which is a Facebook marketing course and full details on the topic of e-marketing via Facebook pdf + Facebook Marketing book pdf in addition to important information about marketing companies on Facebook and also how to Marketing through Facebook ppt through pages and groups for marketing on Facebook through a marketing plan on Facebook and important tips for marketing through Facebook and Digital marketing Facebook + facebook marketing partner + facebook marketing tools + facebook marketing expert + facebook marketing api the year 2021 and 2022

The Facebook application has become one of the most popular applications in social networking sites, as there are millions of people and medium, small or large companies that communicate with users

Facebook is one of the most famous and largest social networking sites around the world, as it has more than 3 billion users, and the Facebook application is used in many fields, as well as the personal area to communicate with friends or in the field of business

There are many people who want to know all the details about e-marketing via Facebook and this is what will be presented in this article. What is the meaning of e-marketing via Facebook

What is e-marketing via Facebook?

Facebook is through the marketing of businesses that branch into the Facebook market, which is known as e-marketing, commercial marketing, e-commerce or commission marketing through the Facebook social networking platform Facebook, and all of this is known as E-marketing via Facebook through the following marketing methods:

  • business page
  • Facebook group
  • Facebook ads

There are many different and varied marketing strategies that fit within your budget if a person is looking for free operations or wants to allocate a certain amount to pay for ads in either case the solution is there

Types of e-marketing via Facebook?

Facebook is the dominant site on social networking sites because it includes many users who communicate with each other, as it is no longer only a social networking application, but rather includes many marketing companies so that they can interact with customers and promote all their products

Therefore, there are many types of e-marketing, the most important of which are the following:

Paid Marketing on Facebook

There are more than 500 thousand new accounts created on Facebook on a daily basis

Facebook is coordinating many new tools, in order to meet the requirements and improve ads and their trade, for this matter, 4 main ads have been included:

Photo ads

These ads with pictures are the ideal type to increase interaction on websites as they are a suitable way for clear phrases that will appear to users

Video ads

Users and marketers can display the product and promote to customers through videos, which has impressed many users

revolving ads

These ads specialize in displaying many images that are made available to customers so that the product can be inspected from more than one angle, which is very suitable for e-commerce and e-marketing.

plastic ads

Plastic advertising is a combination of videos and images and is suitable for many people, because products are displayed effectively and differently

free marketing on facebook

The second type of marketing on Facebook is free marketing. Free marketing is when a marketer or company publishes private publications on their page, they will reach the audience naturally without the need to pay

This method is a little difficult, but it is very convenient and users can take advantage of many free spaces on Facebook, including:

Invite new people to like the page

Provide plenty of unique content to engage with

Users can follow competitors in the same field and make the user's page with better design and better content

The marketer must publish the content that the audience wants

Importance should be given to the audience so that they feel an important part

The user should not ignore inquiries and complaints and respond to them in a timely and appropriate manner

How to make a marketing plan on Facebook

To succeed in the field of e-marketing via Facebook, you must develop a marketing plan on Facebook, and this step is one of the most important steps that every marketer must take

The most important of these steps is setting goals, and this includes many steps such as inviting potential customers, improving services, improving interaction, and also hiring employees, seeking to increase the number of visits

The second step is defining the target audience, for example: a person must know if the target group of people are men or women business customers what problems they are experiencing and also why the product they are offered to them is important

The publications must also be taken care of and coordinated. You can use Facebook ads to promote publications. You must take advantage of all the tools offered by Facebook

In the same context, interaction must be monitored and keen to increase it. This is one of the most important tips and secrets for success in e-marketing via Facebook for free

There are a lot of people looking for the names of product marketing and free marketing groups on Facebook and to know the most important product marketing groups and download the Facebook marketing book pdf + the best Facebook marketing strategies, in addition to tips for marketing through Facebook and knowing the best Facebook page marketing companies

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