Make Money Blogging For Beginners (Make Money From Blogger and Free WordPress)

In this article Make money blogging for beginners , we offer you an explanation of the best ways to profit from blogging according to the methods of profit from blogging, writing articles and posts and publishing topics by learning how to profit from free foreign blogs after knowing the benefits of a Blogger blog and what are the conditions for profit from Blogger without AdSense, the easiest way to profit from The Internet for beginners without capital by profiting from Blogger, and how you can profit from a free WordPress blog, what are the conditions for making profit from the blog, and also how to create a blog and profit from it professionally for the year 2021 and 2022

Make money blogging for beginners

There are many people who are bored with traditional jobs, especially because they are no longer as profitable as they were, as all life costs have risen dramatically and the salaries for this are no longer enough

The development of the global labor market due to technology in our lives and also because of the Corona virus, which has spread frighteningly in all countries of the world, this has led to the emergence of new jobs and new ways to achieve financial profits

In this article, we will focus on the best of these methods, which are ways to profit from free blogging

Information about the process of profit from blogging

The process of profit from blogging is money that is earned in many ways that can be followed, as there are many sites that the user enters into

To it and earn money and get dollars and give him money by working by visiting people

This makes the sites try to create the best content and present it to the users and make the visitors come back continuously and get the users to enter the site

The process of earning profits through blogging is not a new method at all, as this matter has been adopted by many people for years and they are in the content industry and writing popular articles that bring visitors to the blog with the aim of increasing money

This thing applies to blogs and articles that are created on all topics such as health, sports, food, etc. Many different categories, this is how content published on the Internet is formed

Many people may think that this method gives little profits, but it is quite the opposite, as the profit is large, which may reach hundreds of thousands of dollars annually and is guaranteed through the most powerful platforms for creating sites and blogs for free, namely the free Google Blogger platform and the free WordPress platform own

Make money blogging for beginners (How to earn from blogging)

The special ways to earn money from blogging on Blogger or WordPress are different, but the person must choose the most suitable for him after reviewing all the different and varied ways, the most important of which are the following:

Profit from displaying Adsense ads inside the blog for visitors to see

This method is the most used method in Arab countries in particular, where a person links his blog to the Google Adsense service

What is required in this method is a large number of visits so that a person can earn money through it

Earning through affiliate marketing

This is a very profitable way, which is an agreement between a person and companies or stores to promote their products, and the person will get profits according to the difference in the product and the percentage of sales, the company that the person deals with.

Profit from selling products online

This is a very popular method in foreign blogs, where the person who owns a blog sells their own products in a simple way

Profit by providing paid consulting and services

This method is not available in all fields of blogging, as it is only available in areas related to services, blogging, education, economics and technology

This way to profit from blogging is as follows: The owner of the blog provides advice in exchange for a sum of money

But the person must choose a topic he has a lot of experience in so that he can provide advice

Provide exclusive content to visitors

This method is common for profit from blogging in the world, as there are many sites that close content in their blogs and no one can enter it except for a fee

But this content must be exclusive and very important and not available on the Internet, this will make people pay money to the owner of the blog to enter it

Profit by training and teaching remotely

This method is one of the ways to profit from blogging and has become famous that its idea is mainly based on getting money in exchange for training or supervising a group of people or one person

Such as in the technical educational fields by providing advice and teaching them many things that can be done at first by writing free training articles, and then offering for a sum of money

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