How To Profit from Google My Business : your guide to profit from the giant Google

In this article, we offer you an explanation of how to profit from Google My Business through Google News and the free Google tool for marketing commercial products and articles, your guide to start learning the easiest ways to profit from the Internet through Google currencies for the year 2021-2022

Google is one of the most famous companies in the world, as it has launched many applications and sites that are the first in all fields, and the biggest example of this is the Google Chrome browser application, as it is considered one of the most used pages from around the world

Google is constantly offering many features and services to users in order to meet their needs and also to maintain its position in the best companies around the world.

With the fame of this company, there are many questions that are asked by many people, and the most important of these questions are how to profit from Google Site, the Google Profit Course for beginners, how to profit from Google Drive, and how you can profit from uploading images to Google, and is it possible to profit from Google Play And how to exchange Google Map points and the easiest ways to profit from Google Adsense, in addition to learning how to profit from Google books

But this article will highlight the topic of making money from google my business

How to profit from Google My Business

In the beginning, Google’s business activity, or as it is known in google my business, is a target for all merchants of all kinds, whether people who pay money or receive or store owners selling in retail and dropshipping, and this is because it offers many features that will not be found anywhere else

What is google my business?

google my business is a free tool released by Google that allows users to control the visibility of their business primarily on search results and Google Maps

This tool is very special and very useful for marketing, where the user can add many information on it and on his account such as business name, address, working hours, phone number, videos, photos, etc

This information will appear to customers and visitors on the first pages of those who will search for the user's business, the category of activity in which the user is specialized, or the geographical location near him

In general, all people, before they make purchases, search for the sites that they will buy from and use the Google search engine on a daily basis to find answers to all the questions on their minds until they get enough information about the services and products they want

It is worth noting that Google gives them the opportunity to compare with similar products in terms of quality, features and prices

It also provides the ability to show all the features of the profile of sellers, companies, businesses, contact details, geographic location, site link, as well as working hours to visitors who search on the Google search engine and who need the service or products offered by the person, and this greatly helps customers

What is the importance of google my business?

The importance of this tool lies in that when a person or user searches for a specific service or product near the owner of the activity, he basically wants to buy this product or service. This makes it necessary to pay attention to the appearance of information about the users’ business in the search results in the best possible way in a professional manner and also on the first pages of the search engine

Therefore, the importance of creating an account in google my business is to help the appearance of the project or company of the person and the site at the beginning of the search results, and this increases customers, categorize the site and visit all social accounts of the merchant

What are the advantages of adding a company or business to google my business?

There are many features that surround this tool if the user adds his own business or company, the most important of which are:

The digital presence will improve which will appear in Google for people and customers

top search engines

Optimizing SEO for Articles

Also, customers will get options to communicate with the company, such as phone number, e-mail, company address, evaluations and reactions will be shown, and this will help and encourage many customers to request the service and provide all private information, and this leads to an increase in your profit

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