Required Occupations in Qatar 2022 : Your Guide to Working in Qatar

In this post, we present to you an explanation of what are the most important professions required in Qatar for the year 2021 and 2022 and how to obtain job opportunities in Qatar for the year 2022, in addition to an explanation of how to obtain work contracts in Qatar And job opportunities and how to immigrate to Qatar to get job opportunities in the Qatari army in light of the World Cup organization in Qatar airways

Required professions in Qatar 2022

There are many people of different nationalities, many Arab countries and foreign countries who are looking for special information about working in Qatar, so there are many people who ask many questions, and one of the most important of these questions is the professions required in Qatar for the year 2021-2022 and also the professions Required in Qatar

And many other questions, as there are many questions that revolve around jobs in particular, in addition to important details about the numbers of employment companies in Qatar and job opportunities in the Qatari army, as well as how to obtain employment opportunities in the Qatari army and knowing what is the percentage of Qatari army salaries for foreigners and the method of recruitment In Qatar for foreigners and details about Spencer Army Qatar for girls

In addition to all of that, we will present to you the job of applying to the Qatari army for foreigners 2021, what are the required professions for military jobs in Qatar for women, how to register an application for recruitment in Qatar police jobs for foreigners in Qatar, how to submit Qatari police 2021 and information about Qatar Lekhwiya employment 2022 related to the jobs of the Ministry of Interior Qatar e-Recruitment Department

For foreigners who travel to Qatar with the aim of improving their economic situation and also with the aim of taking advantage of all the advantages that are offered in these distinctive countries for residents of the State of Qatar

In this article, we will focus on the professions required in Qatar and also answer all the questions and basic information that users should know

How to apply for a work visa in Qatar

Obtaining a special visa that allows the person who obtained it to travel legally to Qatar and enjoy all the advantages in Qatar, and this matter is the responsibility of the employer who ensures that the employee obtains the visa before entering Qatar

There are some papers, documents and documents that must be submitted by the employer, the most important of which are the following:

Application for a visa, which is in Arabic

general immigration card

A copy of the company's commercial register must be submitted

A copy of a valid employment contract must be submitted

Copy of employee passport

4 passport-sized photos of the employee

The work visa for the employees, a copy of which is sent to the employee, and this is until it is presented at the airport and he can enter Qatar

The visa is valid for the duration of the contract signed between the company and the employee, which lasts from one to five years

The visa fee is very simple, which is 200 Qatari riyals

The most important professions required in Qatar for the year 2021 and 2022

The professions required in Qatar for the year 2021 and 2022 vary and differ, and all Arab and foreign nationalities can apply and get work in Qatar with ease and also obtain a work visa that will allow them to practice their work in which they excel

As for jobs, in the beginning, there are many important jobs in Qatar, the most important of which are the following professions:

Related Jobs in Tourism and Hospitality

Air hostess profession to work in airlines

Oil and gas jobs

health care profession

Engineering and Construction Jobs

Company and Security Jobs

Media jobs

The profession of teachers and teaching in general

As for people who hold Egyptian citizenship, they are asked for many different and diverse jobs in Qatar in particular, and they have the following professions:

Air conditioning technician profession

Hotel receptionist

culinary profession

Advertising profession

web design job

software design career

The profession of lawyers

accountant profession

Legal advisor job

Job opportunities for a ceramic technician

Salaries offered in Qatar for jobs and job opportunities

The highly sought-after jobs are offered with a specific monthly salary in relation to the salaries. You can view this list of the most popular jobs required in Qatar as follows:

Dentists get a salary in Qatar of 31,150 dollars

The salary of an engineer in Qatar is $37,500

For drivers in Qatar, their salaries are $6,500

Architect's salary is $67,000

The teacher's salary at school is $7,500

Construction worker is 4000 dollars

For a worker in restaurants and cafes, his monthly salary is estimated at $5,000

An accountant earns an average of $22,000

What is the lowest wages to work in Qatar

As for the lowest wages that are offered in Qatar, it is a Qatari riyal, as 1000 riyals is for personal expenses, 500 riyals can be divided for accommodation and 300 riyals for food on a monthly basis.

There are many special ways to get a job in Qatar, including writing to one of the companies located there or traveling to Qatar, which is to search within the companies or take advantage of the websites that offer many jobs that are offered and know what professions are required for work and employment in Qatar

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