Secrets of High Achievers in the Study (steps of excellence and success in the study)

In this article, we offer you an explanation of what are the secrets of those who excel in studies, the steps of studying, the habits of those who excel in studying, full details about academic excellence, my skills in life and study, what are the degrees of excellence, and what are the most important ways to succeed in university and secondary studies , Download the book Secrets of Academic Success pdf and detailed information about the program My day achieves success in school life and tips for my friend about studying + How to excel in university and high school studies through tricks to excel in study Tricks to excel in study listed among the best ways to succeed in high school, in addition to rules and tricks Golden tips for success in study and explanation How to excel in university studies by knowing the most important secrets of academic excellence and answering your question: I want success and excellence in study by knowing the reasons for success and excelling in study and knowing the factors affecting academic excellence in order to know what is the best way to excel in study? Through tips for studying, excelling, and organizing time, the academic excellence plan, which is one of the reasons for academic excellence, and learning how to study at the university 2021-2022

We have all encountered or mixed with outstanding people, whether in school or university, and many people may wonder about the secrets of those who excel in studies, as it is clear that the method of work is different from the rest of the people and they are looking for a plan for academic excellence

There are many questions that revolve around the topic of "private secrets of excelling in studies" and in this article we will shed light on these matters

What are the secrets of high school students?

Those who excel in study mainly depend on certain methods that they follow in order to be able to achieve academic excellence through the following secrets and steps:

Setting goals

At the beginning of each year, outstanding people set goals for excellence and special study, and write them and hang them in rooms sometimes, and in this matter they are close to them and are not forgotten

Preview the courses

There are many high achievers who read the books that will be studied, this is unlike the rest of the people, as they do not know anything about these books

Those who excel are to get acquainted with the book at the beginning of each academic year and to review and browse it, and this is what greatly helps in the process of excelling.

Accompanying superior friends

You must accompany the distinguished students and friends who influence the rest of the people.

 Set aside a day to review

Most of the high achievers allocate a day a week of their choice to review and review all the matters that have been taken

Arranging study assignments

The organizational process in which high achievers perform is one of the most important things that help them in their process and path of excellence

Distinguished relationships with professors

The relationship of the professor with the student greatly affects the grades of the students. The teacher respects the diligent student who asks many questions in the lesson and participates in discussions. Thus, the person can achieve excellence in the study.

Prepare early for exams

Exam preparation is an important matter for those who excel and give them more time to study, and this matter is considered one of the most secrets of excelling in studying.

creativity in studying

Outstanding people use multiple ways to study, such as using multiple pens or stickers, and all things and creativity can be used in the study process.

do self reward

Outstanding people reward themselves, and this is to motivate them to achieve academic achievement and outstanding performance in exams and also in study, and this helps greatly.

Challenge other people

People and friends also have a great impact on academic achievement, as it is possible to compete with people and this gives a positive effect

Diversity of places to study

The person must change the sitting position and also the private place in the study and move around the different places in the house or can go out to cafes and study or in the neighborhood or in quiet places

Dimensions of distractions The mobile phone, television, and many other things reduce concentration, so the outstanding students focus only on studying and remove all these things that distract focus

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