Secrets of Success in Study : tips that guarantee you success and academic excellence)

In this article, we offer you an explanation of what are the secrets of success in university and secondary studies and the secrets of excellence in study + recipe for success and excellence in study and tricks to excel in study, in addition to tips and rules for success in study and steps for success in study and also strategies for academic excellence and what are the reasons for excellence and success and methods of success In high school + download the book Secrets of Success in Study PDF for the year 2021-2022

Secrets of Success in Study

The study period, whether in schools or universities, is one of the most important private periods for all people, as it is a very important period that determines a large part of a person’s future

Therefore, there are many questions that revolve around studying and succeeding in it, and the most important of these questions is the topic “Secrets of Success in Study” and this topic will be explained in this article in detail, especially steps for success and academic excellence, time management

Secrets of success in study (Steps to success and academic excellence)

There are many things that must be focused on, which must be in the person or student who wants to succeed in study and know the steps for success and academic excellence, and one of these things are the following tips and secrets:

Desire to succeed

If a person has the desire to be successful in studies or at the school or university level

He must possess the desire to be distinguished among his colleagues and also to reach his dream and ambition that he thinks of, and he must realize something that the distinguished academic achievement will reduce the chance of not getting a suitable job in the future

Material classification

If you are a diligent student, he must classify the subjects he studies, and he must also know the strengths and weaknesses and make a list in which all subjects are classified according to a level from good to average

And all this so that he can achieve academic excellence in the subjects he loves and which he excels in, and also improve the subjects in which he is not proficient

Discover weaknesses and guide teachers

If the student is not good, for example, the English language, he must review the lessons continuously at home, solve all the tasks involved, study all the lessons, and make sure to develop himself in this subject

This will help him move him from the weak level to the medium level and then to the distinguished level

Prepare lessons in a coordinated manner

If the student wants to improve his performance in the classroom, he must prepare the lessons that you will give, and in this matter the student will be able to discuss and will not be worried if he is wrong and learn from his mistakes, this is an important thing in achieving excellence

Continuously assessing the level

In each lesson, the student must evaluate a level in it, which can be good, average or bad, so that it can be reviewed later and also focus on weaknesses

Repetition on a daily basis

For every person who wants to learn effectively in foreign vocabulary or any other subject, he must repeat it continuously, in order to avoid forgetting it and also so that he can memorize and understand it so that the information is properly entrenched in the student’s mind

the quiet place

The person must take care while learning that his special place is away from noise or the like, and this increases the possibility of concentration in the study

Information retention test

If the person or the student, on the assumption, wants to memorize new terms in the English language, he must ask himself about these terms in nine different times. his mind for a long time

Keep the study table in order

If a person wants an attractive study environment, he must keep his study table clean and tidy, and this helps greatly to motivate the study

Relaxation and stimuli

A person should not forget the breaks that he should have and can motivate himself to study in some personal rewards such as sweets or a picnic and a trip with friends and many other things that will greatly help in the study process

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