VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOUTUBE CREATORS | Add the feature to enable subtitles in YouTube

In this article, we offer you an explanation of a new feature that YouTube added, which is the YouTube Direct CC translation tool, and we will explain to you how to activate subtitles on YouTube and how to add and show subtitles without a program and without a translation site and change the translation 2021-2022

YouTube allows subtitles to be added in users' native language

YouTube's removal of the video's caption feature is a big obstacle for users around the world and in different languages, as users start searching for YouTube subtitles and showing the subtitles on YouTube

As many users of the application have become dependent on personal translation, which is often wrong, or resort to translations available on the platform itself, which are not reliable

How to add subtitles on YouTube

YouTube has activated a new and useful tool whose main goal is to translate English into the user's native language

According to what was circulated by users, this tool is available on all devices such as computers and smartphones. Once you log in to YouTube and upload a video, a tool and translation feature will appear.

This feature made it possible to translate into different English languages, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese and other important languages

This feature does not appear to everyone because it is almost under trial and is not official in application updates

Show subtitles on youtube

This technology is characterized by interpretation, and it is the most useful and widespread in websites as it supports 108 different languages, and through this tool you can learn how to translate a YouTube video into Arabic for PC, iPhone and Android

Youtube subtitles CC

You can download YouTube CC subtitles for Android or by preparing a file that includes translation, synchronization and time for each sentence or word and uploading it to the YouTube video subtitles section

YouTube is one of the largest companies on the Internet for videos, as this feature will constitute a wonderful and useful qualitative leap for millions of users

Where the YouTube company acknowledged that the largest proportion of the videos that are published on the platform are not in English, and this encouraged them to add the automatic translation feature for the existing videos, and this will become in the interest of content makers from all over the world

How do I change the translation on YouTube?

The tool allows you to change the translation on YouTube to the language you want, and translate YouTube clips completely, and you can also cancel the translation on YouTube at any time, and YouTube can be translated directly through this tool

You can also re-activate the translation on YouTube at any time without the need for a YouTube translation site. Languages ​​can be translated from Arabic to English, Turkish, German, Italian, French, Japanese and to all languages ​​of the world

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