What are the benefits and risks of saving and investing ?

In this article what are the benefits and risks of saving and investing quizlet , we offer you an explanation of a topic about financial saving, specifically the risks of saving, we will explain to you the disadvantages and negatives of saving and what is the difference between investing and saving according to Wikipedia and what are the best ways to save, in addition to knowing the most important benefits of saving and what is the relationship between saving and investment PDF and how to save money In successful and guaranteed ways, important tips and steps for children’s saving methods, full details of the culture of savings and financial awareness, and how to learn the ideas and skills of financial and banking savings, banking and banking services, and what is the importance of financial freedom and the definition of local and home savings and appropriate savings for the housewife is what? For the year 2021-2022

Saving is an economic phenomenon that exists in all societies and in the lives of all individuals. Saving can be considered as a surplus from the inside that is saved and kept away from consumption, as most of the money that is saved and spent is taken from it to save

It is placed in the bank accounts for one of the goals, whether in the short or long term, such as traveling, buying furniture, buying phones, buying a new car and many other things

Therefore, there are many people who resort to saving and consider it a basic and necessary way in their lives, and there are many questions that revolve around saving, and one of the most important of these questions is the topic of "the risks of saving" and this topic will be explained to you in this article in detail

What are the reasons for saving?

The process of saving money or financial saving is basically a process that people undertake to meet their future or current needs, and there are many special reasons for saving, the most important of which are the following:

There is saving called precautionary saving which is done to meet sudden emergency circumstances

There is also the generated savings that are made for the development of personal projects such as the purchase of furniture, services, entertainment, parties or travel

There is also savings directed to investment, such as retirement or building a business

In the same context, saving causes long-term financial security

Saving gives people savers long-term security and they are immune to the thought and fear of securing money in the future

Saving provides a feeling of greater security and the saver becomes able to face any emergency circumstances

Saving also provides a person with a decent life when he reaches an age in which it is difficult to work

What are the advantages of saving?

The advantages of financial saving are different and varied, and the most important of them is that saving is useful in emergency situations

The process of setting aside money to cover future emergencies such as medical treatment, job loss, sudden damage to the home, or unexpected breakdowns

Saving helps in the process of getting out of all these situations easily through the amount that was saved in advance

It is possible to save for retirement, because the process of saving for retirement is another advantage and an important reason for a person to start saving and saving

the risk of saving

There are many risks surrounding saving that may affect financial saving in general, and one of the most important of these are the following risks:

small expenses

A person should beware of small expenses because they consume money, as after collecting this small money it will become large amounts

Not allocating a portion of the income to saving

A person must do at the beginning of each month and when the money is in his possession to remove the special amount in saving immediately, or in other words do not save the rest of the money but spend the rest of the saving money

Avoid buying unnecessary things

One of the most enemies and dangers of saving is that a person buys unnecessary things, where if a person wants to collect an amount of money and wants to achieve a specific goal, he must pay attention to all these things

He also has to remove all unnecessary things from in front of him so as not to consume his money and prevent the saving process

There are many risks and special advantages in saving, but the person must basically if he wants to save seriously focus only on the goal of this saving and put it in front of his eyes and not get distracted in the side matters that can happen and confront the person and prevent him from doing his own entry process

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