Steps To Create An Article in Wikipedia (How To Write and Edit An Article)

In this article, we provide you with an explanation of how to publish an article on Wikipedia, how to write an article on wikipedia, the steps for creating an article on Wikipedia, and also how to put my resume on Wikipedia? How to create and edit a topic in Wikipedia (How to create an article in Wikipedia?), How to write an article about a personality and complete details about the Wikipedia encyclopedia, as well as lessons to learn how to edit Wikipedia correctly, how to accept the article and CV, and solve the problem of deleting Article and login Wikipedia and explain how to write an encyclopedia? And how to register your name in Wikipedia and find out when the article is deleted in Wikipedia?? And also how to modify an article in Wikipedia to document the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all social media platforms accounts and explain the topic of how to create a Wikipedia account for the year 2021-2022

Steps to create an article in Wikipedia

Importance of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the most important international sites that provide a lot of information in various diverse fields, but the process of publishing on this site is one of the things that many people do not know

Since the Wikipedia Encyclopedia is a famous site that contains huge information in many fields, and also the process of publishing in this encyclopedia and contributing to the creation of content in it is a distinctive idea for many, because publishing an article that includes a biography in the Wikipedia Encyclopedia contributes greatly to documenting your account on Facebook and Twitter And Instagram automatically and for free

Therefore, there are many questions that are asked regarding this topic, and the most important of these questions that will be answered in this article is “How to publish an article on Wikipedia”

What is Wikipedia Encyclopedia?

Wikipedia is one of the most famous encyclopedias of information on the Internet

As there is no Internet user who does not know this encyclopedia, it is very famous and also contains nearly eight million articles in all languages, but the most published articles are English articles

As for articles, they are poorly present in the Google search process. The first search result will appear, which is the Wikipedia site, which provides many reliable information that is not found in other sites, but the person must know that all information contained in Wikipedia should not be trusted

As the publishing policy in it is a bit lenient, but if a person wants quick information on a particular topic, Wikipedia is the most appropriate place

The process of publishing on Wikipedia and writing a CV is something that not all people know, as anyone can add new information on the site and register his name, or if a person wishes to provide a statement or possesses content of value or obtain financial benefit, or also if the person is He owns a website and would like to put a backlink to the information on Wikipedia

This will greatly benefit because Wikipedia gets a large number of visits, and this is what affects the person's website activity

Terms of publishing in Wikipedia (Steps to create a Wikipedia article)

The process of publishing on Wikipedia is not difficult, but it is not easy at the same time, as there are 5 basic conditions for accepting the article on Wikipedia and not to delete it permanently, which are the following conditions:

Real and honest information must be provided in the essay being written

The article must have not been previously published elsewhere

The topic that the person is going to write should not be about a story previously published in Wikipedia

The goal of writing should be to provide useful information and not to promote any other sites

You must put links and testimonials on your information, works and achievements to strengthen the article and make it reliable to be accepted by the moderators

How to create a page and write a successful and acceptable article in Wikipedia

In order for a person to post on the site, he must have a user account first, after that he must create a username

In the next step, you must adjust the editor for writing in Arabic or any language that suits the person

In the next step, you must start writing the article that includes the topic, and then the sub-headings and detail the article appropriately

You can see the forms of articles published on Wikipedia by reviewing previously published articles

After the person has finished writing the article, you must click on Save the article so that the Wikipedia administration approves the publication of this article

Postings on Wikipedia are very useful and a person should have the main goal of spreading the benefit and not taking advantage of the site's own fame or financial gain

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