A Large Digital Currency May Collapse Due To The Attack on The Block Chain Network

In this article, we present to you urgent news about a large digital currency that may collapse soon as a result of the attack on the block chain network. Know it now, and what is its relationship to the statue of the founder of Bitcoin, and what is the relationship of Elon Musk, the founder of the Musk electronic currency, to the collapse of the blockchain currency , and the topic of burning encrypted digital currencies for the year 2021 and 2022

A large digital currency may collapse due to the attack on the block chain network

Big digital currency could collapse

There are many famous digital currencies that raise a lot of controversy, and there are many digital currencies specialized in the meme that are circulated on social media, and these currencies were led by the Dogecoin currency, which emerged as a star in 2022

As the digital currency has succeeded in reaching a distinguished position and achieved great heights in the year 2021, which is considered a strong competitor to the ethium currency, but what happened

Attack on the crypto-currency blockchain network

The block chain network was exposed to a new hacking attack, and this did not happen for the first time, but rather happened on the Solana-based Le Cassette platform

The platform stated in a tweet that it took a long time to distribute tokens on Solana's network, and this is due to the increasing attacks on the company

This example is an example of the types of attacks that are characterized by a large number of devices or by a network of botnets that flood the network with random traffic and this is what causes problems

It was stated by the cyber security that the latest attack was one of the movements that highlight the security flaws within the framework of the Solana consensus, and this matter will increase the fears about this platform

Previous attacks on cryptocurrency

This attack was not the first attack that the Solana cryptocurrency was exposed to, as the first time this happened in September, it disrupted the network for about 17 hours, and this is the result of a large number of bots sending spam emails

But the consequences were not as great as the consequences of last time and this is considered a positive thing

This has sparked significant criticism of the network, and there are people who have stated that the frequent attacks on Solana's network are the result of flaws in the network's design

Criticisms of loopholes on the network

Many people have criticized the vulnerabilities in the network and the network should take action on them

Also, many parties have stated that it is Solana that leaves themselves easily open to attack, as attackers can predict the choice of the next embedded block product

Also weak security is the main thing that divides transactions into small groups of validators and this can also be attacked

There are also many parties that have stated that the weak security in the company exposes the bad intention of establishing the Solana platform

What are the consequences of the attack on the block chain network

The incident that occurred increases the level of anxiety and uncertainty for market participants, especially since the incident occurred not long after the first incident, and as many parties have stated that there are more than 12 million asset tokens hidden in the market maker’s wallet

In response to these allegations, the developer Solana stated that cryptocurrencies are only used for market-making purposes and also promised people to burn tokens to restore balance

Digital currency price developments after the attack on the block chain network

The development of Solana tokens is very noticeable, as it has recorded strong increases over the said year and a half, as the coin price was $0.5 in the middle of 2020 and reached its peak in November of $259

There are many people who are betting that it will be competing for many currencies in the near future by more than 50000%

This currency has become the fourth largest digital currency in the world, with a market value of about $ 52.4 billion

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