Dangers of Social Networking Sites and Their Damages and Repercussions on the Individual and Society

 In this article, we present to you an explanation of what are the damages of social media to the individual and society through a comprehensive research on the negatives, risks and damages of social media and social networking sites and their impact on children and marital relationships, as well as knowing the most important damages of social media in English, which includes information on the negative effects of social networking sites PDF And what are the negatives of communicating with others and what is the impact of social media on young men and girls, in addition to explaining full details about the impact of social media on society and adolescents and its impact on public relations as well, and what are the pros, cons and benefits of social networking sites pdf and also more details about the pros and cons Communication with others face-to-face and social media, and what is the impact of social media on our lives and its impact on the individual, society and youth, a story about the negative aspects of social media platforms, and finally detailed information about the impact of social media on “social media disadvantages” and what are the negatives of not communicating with others, and finally knowing the impact of Social media on mental health and public opinion for the year 2021-2022

The damages of social media

Social media disadvantages

The social media platforms represented by the most famous social networking sites have become an important part in the daily lives of all people of different ages because they have facilitated the communication processes and also the means of communication between people.

But despite this, and with the various positives that surround social media, there are many damages, risks, negatives and defects that surround it, and in this article we will focus on the damages of social media in detail

The effects of social media and social networking sites on the individual and society

Social media and social media sites affect society and also affect individuals seriously, and one of the most prominent of these negatives is the following damages and negatives:

digital communication

The process of digital communication with people reduces direct communication between individuals and society, and this prevents people from acquiring direct communication skills and many other things

Poor communication of feelings

Expression operations are limited to emojis and others, but the process of exchanging feelings is not possible on social networking sites


Social networking sites negatively affect the movement and activity of the individual, as there are many people who may spend long hours on social networking sites in front of screens, this affects health and may cause obesity

Spreading fake news and rumors

Many rumors and false news may spread on social networking sites, including true and false ones. This matter is considered negative, as there is a lot of information spread that has no validity in reality


The phenomenon of electronic social bullying has also spread, as it is also a phenomenon on the ground, but it has also spread more on websites and social media platforms, and it is difficult to identify the person who bullied other people if he uses a fake account or a fake account and this matter is also considered Of the problems, risks, and damages that surround social media

Impact on work and study

If a person uses social networking sites incorrectly, this will affect his life completely. It will affect his work and also will affect the academic level, and in this matter, the matter must be planned by the person himself

Impact on life

Many adolescents may be exposed to the experience of communicating with strangers and may be exposed to the theft of personal matters such as some photos, fraudulent buying and selling and many other things that may cause problems, so it is only recommended to use social networking sites in positive ways

Pros and cons of social networking sites and social media

Before knowing the damages of social networking sites and social media, we must also focus on the positives of social networking sites, which is that social media platforms have affected our lives significantly and also positively, and the most important of these positives are the following positives:

Experience exchange process

People can share experiences with each other on social media in the same interests they are interested in


The use of social networking sites has become an important part in marketing and displaying goods and services, and this has shown that the process of promoting the page is faster and easier than newspapers, newspapers and other means

Awareness campaigns

Social media platforms and social networking sites can be used to spread awareness among individuals and society on various and diverse issues

Freedom of expression

People can express their opinions and exchange opinions through these platforms and sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram and others..

Providing job opportunities and jobs

Social media platforms have become distinctive sites for searching for work quickly and easily, and also it is possible to work on social networking sites and earn money from social media platforms, as there are many businesses that have appeared and many people have been able to make a profit through them.

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