Live Streaming Cons (Weaknesses of Live Streaming)

In this article, we present to you a clarification of what are the negatives and drawbacks of live transmissions on YouTube and Facebook, and what are the most noticeable negatives of live and direct transmissions on long range interpersonal communication destinations and their dangers for youngsters + data about live transmissions on Facebook and does it seem who is observing live on Facebook and data about live transmissions In Facebook and YouTube, and what are the advantages of live communicating on YouTube as per Wikipedia, realizing what is going on with "live transmission" in English and Arabic, realizing what are the privileges of direct communicating, what is the best live transmission program, the names of video broadcasting administrations, and what is the relationship of the tsu application in direct communicating, and we will place an article for you eventually About a course to figure out How to benefit from live communicating via web-based media stages and long range informal communication locales, how to tackle the issue of live communicating on YouTube, what are the laws and states of direct communicating, and what applications support the live transmission component, and notice the name of the video broadcasting administration for the year 2021-2022

Live Streaming Cons

Disadvantages of live broadcasting

With the acceleration and development of the Internet, as well as the acceleration of the development that has occurred in social media platforms, a new feature has emerged that has been adopted by many famous applications such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter as an essential feature in their programs, and this feature is known as the live broadcast feature

As this feature enables the user to broadcast a video directly on the application at the lowest costs, the person must only have the Internet and a smartphone or computer

This feature has spread widely and there are many people who liked it and considered it a revolution in the world of communications

There are many people who are afraid of this feature because it causes many political, social and moral problems, so in this article we will explain the most important "negatives of live broadcasting"

Applications that support live broadcasting

There are many applications that support the live broadcast feature, and the most prominent of these applications is the Facebook application. The application allows the live broadcast feature in the basic version of the application

As it is known, this feature was only available to certain members at the beginning of the application, but the application management had introduced it to all users earlier

And also the Instagram application, this feature was added in the Instagram application because there are a lot of celebrities who use it and also many people who want it

There is the application of Snapchat, Tik Tok, YouTube, Twitter and many other applications

What are the negatives of live broadcasting?

When the live broadcast feature was launched, there are many specialists in applications and also programs who have expressed their fear of this feature, because there are many people who may abuse it and this is what appeared with the spread of this feature

As there are many people who object that people who appear in live broadcasts are abusing it in a big way

Many users have stated their rejection of it, because the application administration does not block the profanity they use and there is also no actual monitoring of the content that is presented in this feature

There are many people who consider this feature does not protect privacy, and this helps intruders to break into the lives of others and some consider it a real violation of their rights

What is the method that can be used to take advantage of the live broadcast feature?

People who take advantage of social media have come to realize that this tool is incredibly useful and brings a fortune in the world of social media if used correctly.

As there are many people on social networking sites who teach many things such as teaching languages ​​and also teaching other lessons directly

Followers can join this broadcast without having to pay costs, and this is what makes the benefit spread more

There are also many courses that are broadcast to subscribers at nominal prices. There are many tips that many people give on various matters and topics. People can benefit from these things by entering the appropriate live broadcast

There are many advantages that are added in popular smartphone applications, some of which may be very useful and users will benefit from

And some of them may be removed by the application later, but as it is known considering all the special negatives in the live broadcast feature

This feature is one of the distinguishing characteristics that must be available in all applications

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