How To Make Money From Youtube Without Making Videos

In this article how to make money from youtube without making videos and shorts and channel and live streaming and ads and without showing face, we offer you an explanation of how to earn money from YouTube by knowing the most important conditions for profit from YouTube 2022, in addition to knowing what are the conditions for activating the YouTube channel 2021 and the way to profit from YouTube genius without appearing on your own to make a profit, and also how to know how much YouTube profits in Poland, USA, kenya, Canada, Australia, Austria, Israel, Congo, Jamaica, Mexico, hollanda, Brazil, Argentina, the Philippines, saudi arabia, iraq, mexico, Venezuela, Britain and India Japan, Indonesia, nigeria, Thailand, Ecuador, Taiwan, Hungary, Spain, South Africa, Bangladesh, Germany, Turkey, Kuwait, netherlands, Greece, Hungary, Gabon, cambodia, ghana, Japan, Ukraine, Italy, Portugal, Colombia, Pakistan, Switzerland and all countries of the world, downloading the YouTube earnings program and what are the conditions for accepting the YouTube channel in Adsense and the conditions for linking the YouTube channel to the Adsense account and how to take money fromYouTube and profit from YouTube without filming and without achieving the terms of profit, an innovative and completely new method that you will not find except here + how to make a YouTube Adsense account, what are the conditions for acceptance in YouTube and full details of how to profit by republishing and uploading videos on YouTube and how to profit from YouTube by copying And we will also explain how to achieve the condition of 4000 watch hours + ideas for YouTube channels without the appearance of the face and sound and know what are the new YouTube conditions 2021-2022-2023

how to make money from youtube without making videos

How to earn money from youtube

The process of making money from the YouTube platform is one of the very distinctive ways to earn money from the Internet, as there are many people who have converted their passion into a source of income and earn money, and this is through the YouTube application, which is one of the best ways to profit from social media, and there are more than A site for calculating YouTube profits that calculates YouTube profits for you to be able to profit from YouTube in an innovative way to create videos without filming after getting ideas for creating a YouTube channel without appearing, without uploading videos and without ownership rights

It is worth noting that the process of earning money from YouTube is not impossible, there are many ways that can be followed that will enable a person to achieve this profitable matter to make money from videos, republish and upload videos on YouTube, and there are some ways that may require some special conditions

There are many people looking for videos without rights to increase your profits, how to solve the problem of audio rights in YouTube videos, the program to remove copyright from the video for Android, how to modify the video and re-upload it with removal of ownership, what is the best site to remove copyright from the video and how to solve the problem of copyright infringement and publishing

But small channels can bring a person some money through profit methods from YouTube, so in this article we will highlight the topic “How to earn money from YouTube” and here is the answer to a follower’s question: Earn 57 thousand dollars from re-uploading videos on YouTube Without creating videos, profit from the Internet, and how to upload a video on YouTube without copyright

How to make money from YouTube

The YouTube platform has more than 1 billion users, and this means more than one billion watch hours per day, and also according to statistics, the hours of downloading every minute is 400 hours, and this is what made the YouTube application one of the distinguished ways to earn money through users’ videos

Some people think that they need experience, equipment and professional level, but this is not true at all! Most of the videos are taken from mobile phones

There are a lot of ways that can be followed so that a person can earn money from YouTube videos, and you can learn how to receive money from YouTube easily

The most important conditions for earning money from YouTube (the steps required to profit from YouTube)

There are some steps and conditions that a person who wants to earn money from YouTube must take, which is to provide some resources to earn money from YouTube, the most important of which are the following steps:

Create a YouTube channel

This is easy in the steps that a person must take in determining the field that suits him or the goal

You can create a new YouTube channel from your phone and start earning from it by visiting the following article:

How to create a profitable YouTube channel from mobile and profit from it and link it to Google Adsense

Define the domain and content of the channel

A person must define this field accurately, because the journey in making money is a long journey, not a short one

Having a passion for working with YouTube

A person must have a passion in this matter. There are many examples that a person can choose, such as singing if he has a beautiful voice, and you can make a profitable and new educational YouTube channel, photographing pets, cooking content, explaining technical, medical, sports information and many other things

Gaining audience and subscribers to the channel

In the next step a person should start gaining his own audience and getting a large number of subscribers and views

Since the audience is one of the basic things to make money from YouTube, and in order for a person to win the audience, he must provide distinctive content, and the audience can be won by providing real and exclusive content in the right way

Earn money by activating ads

This method is considered one of the most popular ways to earn money from YouTube, which is through ads, and this is the main source for YouTube users to earn and earn money for free from YouTube

This is done by subscribing to Google Adsense and linking the channel to the Adsense account, and the user will be able to make money if he has a large number of viewers

As the process of joining the YouTube Partner Program is possible, the hours must be at least 4000 watch hours at the end of the year and more than 1000 subscribers during the last 12 months

How to earn money from YouTube without Adsense

There are many other ways to earn money from YouTube without Adsense, and they are by selling goods. Products and things can be marketed through YouTube channels

This opens another door to earn money, whether the products are for the person or for other companies, and this is what is called marketing

There are many things that can be exploited so that a person can earn money from YouTube, the person only has to find the most suitable way for him

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