Terms of Monetizing The Blog (Your Guide To Start Earning From Blogger and WordPress)

In this article, we offer you an explanation of the conditions for making profit from the blog, whether profit from Blogger blogs or WordPress blogs and profit from an English blog, and knowing full details about the profits of foreign sites from Adsense and how to create a Blogger or WordPress blog, and what are the conditions for profit from Blogger and the WordPress platform for a year 2021 and 2022 and 2023, how to profit from Blogger without Adsense, in addition to examples of blogs that are considered the most profitable

Terms of monetizing the blog

Terms of monetization from the blog

There are many ways to make money from blogging and also a person who wants to make money from the Internet can see all these strategies to make profit from blogging in particular

If someone owns a website or blog or if they are thinking of starting a website or blog it is not too late to make money by blogging

In this article, we will answer this matter and also the conditions for making a profit from the blog will be presented

What is meant by monetizing blogging?

The process of making a profit is to obtain income from websites or from a blog, and also to make a profit from the content that is presented on the Internet, and this is what is known as the system of making profit from blogs and creating websites

Profit from a person's blog A person must choose special models on the Internet, the most important of which are:

Ad networks




Promotion of digital or physical products

Best ways to earn from blogging

There are many models and methods that the user can follow in order to be able to make profit from blogs, and each has some special details, including the following methods:

Earn by using ads

If the person is a publisher on the blog, ads can be provided on this blog, and this is so that it becomes a good source of making money for free by displaying ads affiliated with Google Adsense or any other advertising company from Adsense alternatives

As there are many people who pay money for their ads to be shown to the private audience in blogs, and the larger the audience and the spread of the person's blog, the higher the private profits

A person can allocate an advertising space on his own site and also can use the Google Adsense site that specializes in advertising

As the site displays advertisements that are relevant to the content that is presented on the blog

There is another way through the advertising network, which is by giving suggestions for products

This is done by inserting a special link in the service or product for sale on other websites, and this is to transfer users to the websites

You can earn money only by viewing this link and also by offering products in exchange for money on every sale

Earning through subscriptions

If a person's blog is very active and there is a lot of information displayed on this platform that is unique

A person can offer a subscription or paid membership to enter and view this content, and this will constitute a distinct source of profit

Profit from blogging through training

It is possible to profit through blogging by providing training programs, and this is by creating a set of training materials or courses, courses and training lessons on the Internet and the person gets paid for it

What are the conditions for profit from blogging?

There are some conditions and instructions that must be met in order for a person to profit through Blogger blogs and the WordPress platform, the most important of which are the following conditions:

The blog should publish topics about one of the specialized fields in the medical, technical, social, health, art, fashion, social experiences and other ideas and categories

Continuing to write articles is a prerequisite for profit

Do not copy and paste articles from other sites, as this will harm the site

Make sure to write unique and distinct content and profit from writing articles

After the person has achieved a good number of articles and also achieved a number of distinguished visitors, he can request to participate in the world of Google Adsense so that ads are added by the company in the private blog, the SEO rules must also be taken into account and the methods of writing articles

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