Terms of Opening a YouTube Channel and Profit From it by Phone

In this article, we offer you an explanation of the conditions for opening a YouTube channel and profit from it, opening a YouTube channel and profiting from it, and how to create a gaming channel, a cooking channel, a sports channel, an educational channel, or a children’s channel on YouTube from the mobile by opening the YouTube home page for Facebook and desktop using the phone, and how Create a successful YouTube channel and how to make a YouTube channel from the computer or from the iPhone or Android smartphone by learning how to create a new YouTube channel and profit from it after linking it to an AdSense account to receive profits and money + an explanation of how to create a YouTube channel for children and activate the profit from YouTube and know when it is done profit from youtube. In addition to explaining how to receive money from YouTube and explaining how much it costs to create a YouTube channel in detail in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023

Terms of opening a YouTube channel and profit from it by phone

Terms of opening a YouTube channel and profit from it

The conditions for opening a YouTube channel and profiting from it is the matter that will be discussed in this article in order to be able to make a profit from the famous sites that millions of people access every day around the world to watch videos

Therefore, there are many people who want to learn how to open and make a YouTube channel and profit from it, and they are wondering about the conditions for profit from YouTube 2022

What is the YouTube platform?

YouTube is one of the sites through which you can watch videos, publish and upload private videos by creating a channel on this platform for free

It is worth noting that YouTube was founded in 2005 and has dominated the first place in social networking sites and social media to watch videos in the world

How to open a YouTube channel and earn money from it

The process of opening a YouTube channel and earning money from it is very easy and takes place by following these steps:

In the beginning, the person must enter the YouTube website on the mobile phone or from the computer, specifically the desktop, in order to open all the options available to create the channel in a professional and successful manner

A page will appear in front of the user in which it is written to create a YouTube channel. Enter this page and follow the instructions that the site will give in sequence

A person must also have a Google account so that he can link the YouTube channel with his Google account

How to create a successful YouTube channel professionally

If a person wants to create a YouTube channel and be a successful, profitable and professional channel, he must follow the following steps:

You must access YouTube, either from the device or from a mobile phone

After that, you have to click on the Create New Channel button

After that, you have to fill in all the details until the channel is named and the person's ownership right is proven through the phone number

After completing all the information entry, you must click on the word “Done” to open the new channel

How much does it cost to create a YouTube channel?

There are many people asking about the cost of creating a YouTube channel, as an answer to this question, it is not expensive at all

As the process of creating and opening the channel on YouTube is completely free, and you will not be required to pay money at all, and all the services of the YouTube platform are available to everyone for free, all you have to do is prove the ownership of the channel by phone number to be able to benefit from all the features of YouTube

How to earn money from youtube channel

There are many ways in which you can earn money and profit from the YouTube channel, but we will mention to you the most important and most common ways

Profit from YouTube through Google Adsense ads

A person can earn revenue through advertisements that can be inserted into YouTube videos

Where YouTube works to connect advertisers with the people who will want the videos, and money is paid for the purpose of these ads and their display

The YouTube channel is linked to a new Google Adsense account once the qualifications and conditions for monetization and profit from the channel are achieved, which are reaching 4000 watch hours and achieving 1000 subscribers for the channel during the last 12 months

Profit from YouTube channel through brand ads

It is possible to profit from the YouTube channel by dealing with brands, and also a person can promote the products of these companies in exchange for a commission on that, and this is what is called external advertising

Conditions for opening a YouTube channel and profiting from it

There are no special conditions for opening a YouTube channel, except to abide by the rules, laws and privacy terms of YouTube and not to steal the content of other content creators

Because all the content belongs to the person owns property rights and the video will be blocked even if it contains a small part of other people's property

But in general, if a person wants to make profits from YouTube, he must make sure that the country in which he lives is included in the countries that YouTube has classified among the countries allowed to earn and profit from YouTube in particular and profit from Google services in general

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