Where is Gold Found in Electronic Devices?

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Where is gold found in electronic devices?

Where is gold found in electronic devices?

Gold is one of the very important minerals that enters into many different and diverse fields, and one of the most famous of these fields is the jewelry industry, as there are many precious and expensive jewelry that are made of gold and that are used by men and women

Jewelery made of gold is expensive and has a distinctive shape. Also, gold jewelery is associated with many special customs and traditions or foreign societies

But what people may not know is that gold also enters into many other different fields, the most important of which is the manufacture of electronic devices

Therefore, in this article, we will highlight a question that is asked by many people, which is Where is gold in electronic devices?

Where is gold found in electronic devices?

The main and most important place in which gold is found is in printed electronic circuits, but it is also concentrated in processors and graphics processors, and is also ideal for use in connections and special contact points because it is considered neither corroded nor rusted

There are many people who want to extract this gold from electronic devices and benefit from it in a financial way

But this is not possible because the amount of gold in electronic devices is very small, which makes it difficult to benefit from gold

What are the uses of gold?

Gold has been used in the field of jewelry, which is considered the most famous of the special fields to which a large proportion of gold is mined annually, but also gold is used in the manufacture of various and diverse devices in the field of technology

As gold enters the manufacture of smart phones, computers, and many other electronic devices, for this reason, gold is considered one of the most precious metals and is placed in these devices until they do their job to the fullest.

When considering the list of the best metals for the transmission of electricity, which is the least resistant to the passage of electric current, gold is the best metal in this task without a doubt, as it ranks third after silver and copper

What is the importance of gold?

Many people may wonder why gold is used with two better and cheaper elements as well, because there are many reasons why many companies prefer gold over other metals, the most important of which are:

Gold is corrosion resistant

In electronic circuits and general machines, large areas of the machine are usually destroyed as a result of the failure of small electronic chips in them

These small electronic chips are very important and must be highly efficient, so these small circuits in electronic devices must be made of metals that are resistant to moisture, corrosion, air and heat, and one of the candidate metals for this is gold

With this mentioned, many people may wonder why gold has been used for jewelry and jewelry since ancient times

This is not related to its yellow color, but because it does not rust and does not corrode due to multiple factors, and also attempts to dissolve this metal are considered difficult

Gold Retractable Lamination Distinctive

In addition to gold, which makes it an excellent choice for shaping, it is easier to deal with than other metals, as high-precision threads and exceptionally thin sheets can be made, and this makes the possibility of using gold in electronic devices without the need for large quantities

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