Where is Silver in The Human Body?

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Where is Silver in The Human Body

There are a lot of different and varied minerals on our planet that are of high value or are widely available and this makes their prices low

Therefore, there are many questions that revolve around many minerals, and one of the most important questions that will be answered in this article is "Where is silver in the human body?"

The human body consists of a large group of important minerals that play an important role in human health in a large way, including copper, iron and silver, but a person may not think that the body may contain many precious metals

As there are many studies that have proven that silver is one of the precious metals that are found inside the human body, and there are also many different and varied metals such as silver and platinum

Inside human bodies there are many minerals, and if the person had the opportunity to extract these precious metals, the human body would become the source of wealth, but scientists did not discover the appropriate way to extract gold and silver from the human body

Many people are surprised when they know that gold is present in the body naturally and directly from the moment of birth, and this is according to many famous sites that have proven this topic

What is the amount of silver in the human body?

The amount of silver in the human body is very small, as, for example, in a human weight of 70 kilograms, there is 0.2 of a gram of silver inside his body

Where about 5000 people have about 1 gram of gold and this amount is very little, but gold is present in human blood more than any area of ​​the different human body

The minerals in the human body

Although silver is found naturally in the human body, there are many other metals that enter through external factors such as food, drink and other environmental influences

As a person who weighs 70 kilograms contains ten times the amount of silver in his body than the special percentage in gold

According to many sources, silver enters the human body through ingestion of food or drink, or inhalation of dust or fumes that contain silver, and also through contact with jewelry, pricks, or even dental fillings, medicines and ointments that are used for the skin

Compounds containing soluble silver are more easily absorbed than metallic silver and therefore have the potential to cause damage to the human body

Severe symptoms of silver nitrate exposure such as low blood pressure, diarrhea, stomach problems and decreased breathing

There are many chronic symptoms such as taking small doses of silver that directly affects the kidneys and liver and also causes changes in blood cells and arthritis

After silver enters the human body, it is absorbed by the bloodstream and arranged in various tissues throughout the body. These include areas such as the eyes, internal organs, and areas exposed to the sun such as the ears, face, forearms, hands, and nails

Therefore, this information may be new to many people, but when a person encounters a sentence where silver or gold is found in the human body, it may occur to many people that it is present in large quantities, and this is not true as it is found in very small quantities

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