Disadvantages of Retirement After The Age of 60

In this article, we present to you an explanation of what are the harms of retirement after the age of sixty, the method of requesting an extension of work after the retirement age, knowing details about medical retirement due to depression and mental illness, a request form for extending the retirement age, how to write a request to extend the retirement age, and full details of the labor law after retirement and extending service after age Sixty for teachers and detailed information about the retirement age cnss and how to raise the retirement age and know the relative retirement age from 2020 until 2021, 2022 and 2023 + Working after age 75 + discuss the advantages and disadvantages of early retirement + what are the advantages and disadvantages of early retirement + positive and negative effects of retirement + pros and cons of early retirement uk and When to Retire: The Pros and Cons of Different Ages

Disadvantages of retirement after the age of sixty

Information about the psychological state of retirees, The person enters the retirement age at a difficult stage for the person, so he finds himself at home quiet and silent, there are moving curtains and an open window through which sunlight enters, and the person feels bored, depressed and the difficult psychological state in the psyche of retirees, and today many people imagine how they can live their new life After they reach the age of 60 or at the age of 50 years

They had to take early retirement from work although many people did not like their work, but it was a reason to wake up for it in the morning and have some fun with colleagues who together share their diaries and their workplace

Retirement is a frightening stage for many people, and there are many questions that revolve around this stage

After the age of 60, the retired finds himself feeling bored, lazy and depressed, and this is strange after the passage of these great years in movement and work, as well as a life filled with activities and perhaps dreams and ambitions

The retiree finds himself sitting at home without achieving any goal and spending the remaining time doing literally nothing but watching TV, sitting in a café or watching matches

And then go with friends and then go home to sleep and the next morning I will repeat the same details of the day Nothing new and life may seem in the eyes of many people meaningless a person does not work does not offer anything to others and life may seem worthless

Work is the basis of life after retirement

Retirement is a very recent idea that appeared in the history of the human race where it was not known before the nineteenth century, as for example in America people were working in agriculture and 78% of American men continue to work even after the age of 65 years

In other words, a person keeps working as long as his health allows him to do so, and before this time before human civilization was created there was no working hours nor the retirement age that dominates the global work environment at the present time were more things simpler than it is now

The ancient man used to come out of his cave and hunt and return to the cave and continue in this manner until he dies. Man worked continuously because work was the basis of life

Even after the establishment of civilizations and societies and the establishment of governments, the retirement period did not have any human presence as long as he was able to work, and nothing stopped him except disease or death

About retirement after the age of 60

There are some retirees who stay at home and get bored and lazy with the boring routine they are going through

But on the other hand, there are many people who took advantage of this period and did many things that they could not do while working such as building businesses, traveling, discovering places and also spending more time with friends and family

In addition to taking care of their health and acquiring new skills and many other things, it is mainly up to the person himself how he wants this stage he is going through

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