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In this article, we offer you an explanation of the gold trade in Turkey through a free course that is similar to a comprehensive guide to start learning to trade in gold and istanbul gold jewelry shop online in istanbul stock exchange index , invest in buying and selling used or new gold in Turkey, how to deal with gold shops in Turkey, detailed information about old and new Turkish gold and how to buy gold online in Turkey and find out if there is Turkish gold with pictures, in addition to full details of gold reserves in Turkey and when gold was discovered in Turkey and what are the forms of Turkish gold and what are the prices of gold in Turkey 24 karat, 21, 18 and 14 and the price of an ounce, an ounce and a pound of gold today 2022-2023

gold trading in turkey

Gold is considered one of the most important minerals that man has discovered since ancient times, and gold is associated with many different and diverse matters, as it has been associated with gold in different fields such as the field of jewelry making

And also artifacts and this appears significantly in the era of the Egyptian pharaohs, where gold was used in the manufacture of many valuable antiques and special jewelry for kings, and gold was used in trade and various commercial transactions in many different civilizations

And over the ages, gold acquired many different and varied things and also maintained its value greatly, and this matter led to great fame and with this fame was accompanied by many different questions and the most important of these questions that will be answered is the topic of "gold trade in Turkey"

The state of Turkey is considered one of the economically strong countries, and the population living within its geographical borders is characterized by their high salaries and great financial and economic strength, which makes them ready to pay money to purchase all the goods they need, whether high-value or low-old

Therefore, gold is mainly associated with the customs and traditions of the people who live in Turkey, and not only in Turkey, but in all the different and diverse countries such as the Arab countries

Where gold is used in marriage customs and also in the manufacture of artifacts, by people who live in Turkey in particular

People may think that gold is only used in the jewelry industry, but this is not true, as gold has many different and varied uses

Areas of use of gold in Turkey

The field of gold use is mainly focused on the field of jewelry, where many different and varied jewelry are made of high-priced gold metal and are sold at very high prices, as they are required by many people in different regions and countries and also by women and men

Gold is also used in the manufacture of modern technical devices, because gold is one of the metals whose resistance to electricity is weak and also can be greatly controlled

Gold is also used in the medical field, where gold was used in ancient times in the field of dentistry and also entered into delicate operations and was introduced into the human body, because gold is one of the metals that do not interact and do not cause any sensitivity inside the human body

Steps to trade gold and invest in gold in Turkey

The process of trade and investment in gold in Turkey is carried out by many people, Turks, Syrians and Arabs, where many people tend to go because of preserving their capital from devaluing in many cases that cause a decrease in the value of money such as wars Political or natural crises or outbreaks of natural problems

There is another type of people who tend to invest in gold in order to develop their own capital by buying and keeping quantities of gold

After that, selling it at higher prices after a period of time not less than three years, with this matter, the person has traded in gold and invested in it and achieved financial gains

There are many people who trade in gold, whether in Turkey or in many countries, and who have taken this field of investments as their primary field

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