Is Early Retirement Better or Late Retirement?

In this article, we offer you an explanation of whether early retirement is better or late retirement? What is the difference between late retirement, or as some call it, delayed retirement, and early retirement, which is better? And how much is the early retirement salary for 20 years, and how is early retirement calculated in social security for employees, teachers, soldiers and civilians in the civil service through my experience with early retirement and knowing what the retirement age for men and women is in social insurance in the private and public sectors, early retirement salary calculator and teacher early retirement salary calculator Or relative retirement for military retirement for the private sector, in addition to full details to know what are the conditions for early retirement in social insurance and how Calculation of early retirement salary Insurances from 2021 until 2022 and 2023

There are many people, male or female employees or teachers, or military personnel who reach the retirement stage in advanced stages, and there are many people on the other hand who prefer to enter the retirement stage early

These people are divided into two sides because there are many people who think that early retirement is better than late retirement and vice versa

Is early retirement better?

In this article, we will answer this question and will also highlight the question “Is early retirement better” and explain this topic to you in detail?

There are many studies that have been conducted in the German Max Planck Society for Science, a study that determines the huge difference between early retirement and late retirement on human physical and psychological health, and this is with regard in particular to cognitive and thinking skills

What was stated in this study is that late retirement can greatly help in enhancing a person's skills, cognition, and thinking

Why is late retirement so much better than early retirement?

According to many famous websites, many researchers have found that working until the age of 67 mainly prevents the deterioration of people's health and can also

Protects against many diseases such as Alzheimer's and other diseases that can negatively affect a person's cognitive functions

Interestingly, these results show that people will benefit from working for a longer period, regardless of a person's gender, educational level or occupational level

There are a lot of studies that indicate that there is an unintended consequence of late retirement, as there are many people who prefer late retirement because the person is more mentally and physically healthy if he follows this path

There are a lot of studies that have been done in many countries that prove that some mental skills like multitasking and prioritizing improve dramatically after reaching the age of 50 and 60

In the same vein, there are many countless studies that have proven that late retirement is much better than countries that raised the retirement age

Why do many prefer early retirement and why do they consider it better?

On the other hand, there are many people who prefer early retirement because they want to find comfort and peace after the long years of work imposed by work by waking up and sleeping at specific times, and this is in addition to the constant pressures

Therefore, many people prefer early retirement to start a new life filled with calm and leisure, and this allows the person to engage in business and activities that the person was not able to practice during his normal life

In Arab societies, many officials have stated that they wish to delay the retirement age to the maximum extent possible, because in most societies the retirement age is one of the most important indicators of active aging

Therefore, the process of delaying the retirement age is positive because there are many people who suffer from laziness after retirement

The health consequences of retirement and how to prevent it

One of the major health consequences of retirement is that laziness after retirement increases the chance of stroke, joint disease and many health problems for the elderly, according to many studies that have been conducted

Therefore, free time should be occupied with social communication and doing business projects for the person after retirement age, and this is to occupy leisure time and earn a lot of additional money

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