The most important skills and basics of searching for a job

In this article, we offer you an explanation of the basics of searching for a job and knowing what are the most important skills for searching for a vacancy and job opportunities, whether a full-time job or a part-time job for students, women, teens, children, retirees and the unemployed with a high and high monthly salary by reading an expression on job search And information about the best ways to search for a job in Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Syria, Mauritania, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Djibouti, Somalia, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Kuwait, Turkey, Germany, Holland, America, Australia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Canada, France, Sweden, Britain, Austria, Russia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen and all Arab countries + Knowing the steps you need to take to get a distinguished government job after learning the skills of searching for a job ppt and downloading the book Job Search Skills PDF suitable for everyone looking for how to search for a job after graduation such as a job as a flight attendant or flight attendant and how to search for a job by learning the basics of search About work for women and women who stay at home and for men to work from home and how to get a good job without experience for the disabled for the years 2021, 2022 and 2023

Job search basics

The process of searching for a job is a process in which a person searches for the thing he wants among many distinctive things, as when a person searches for a job, he may be confused and many Saudis are looking for a way to get a job in Saudi Arabia With ease - article

Many questions may arise in the field of searching for jobs, and one of the most important questions that will be answered in this article is "The basics of searching for a job."

In this article, we will mention many tips collected from and authorized by experts and specialists in the field of employment, and it serves as a guide map during the search for a job.

What are the basics of searching for a vacancy?

There are a lot of basics that should be focused on if a person wants to get a suitable job as he wants and desires through the following basics:

Determine the field of work

The first tasks that must be taken into account when searching for a job is to determine the areas of interest that a person desires and also related to his field of work. Confusion in which field he should go or the career direction in

CV processing

These things may happen more with recent graduates and others, and the danger at the stage is that the person will try to make his CV full and not condensed in order to fit these opportunities, and this is a big mistake that many people make in the labor market from around the world

Therefore, there are recruitment experts who advise that a job search field be identified and that the person make the CV focused and appropriate to the requirements of this job he is looking for

Gathering sufficient information about the entity with which he wishes to apply for a job

While a person is searching for a job, he must make sure that he has collected sufficient information about the entity to which he will apply for a job and a job opportunity, such as identifying the private field of work.

The company, the risks that the company will face, the goals of this company, and what the company wants the new employee to do

It is also possible to use the company's website or publications issued by the company

Reliance on social networking and social media

Family members and friends may be the best source of information when searching for a job. There are many jobs that a person can know about from friends or family, and this social network, social media platforms and sites, and social media can be used as a source of information

Where a person can talk to all people and can be used in the process of searching for a job, especially people who are close to labor markets in building a network of relationships, and this network will be very useful in the process of searching for public jobs

Also, the person will be able to obtain information about the parties to which he can apply, and friends and family can also be used to obtain a letter of recommendation from some people. on the job

Using marketing tools, especially resumes

The CV is one of the marketing tools that a person possesses to obtain a job, as it opens the door to the second stage, which is obtaining a job, so the identification tools must be used appropriately.

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