What are the disadvantages of early retirement

In this article, we present to you an explanation of what are the disadvantages of early retirement and what are the pros and cons of early retirement after the age of 25 years and how retirees start their lives after retirement and what are the best small projects and useful ideas and important advice for retirees and what to do after retirement to make money, break boredom and get rid of a difficult psychological state Getting rid of depression as a result of making the decision to retire

Disadvantages of early retirement

The retirement stage is considered one of the difficult stages in which a person goes through after he was in authority and finds himself overnight that he does not have this authority and also finds a lot of free time that surrounds him Therefore, many people at this stage are affected by boredom and in cases of depression, lethargy and boredom

This negatively affects the health of retirees, but on the other hand there are people who decided to take advantage of this stage in many different and varied things that benefited them and also do many things that they could not do in the past due to lack of time

Therefore, people and people are concerned at this stage. There are many questions that revolve around it, and the most important questions that will be asked in this article are the topic of "the damages of early retirement."

The difference between early retirement and late regular retirement

The regular retirement, or as some call it late retirement, is the retirement in which in countries a person is allowed to provide his retirement when he reaches a specific age. Most countries have adopted the age of 60 as the legal retirement age

But on the other hand, early retirement is when a person submits his retirement before the age of 60 in two cases, either that his health status no longer allows him to work, or they want to devote themselves to other things in their lives and start opening private projects.

What are the most important disadvantages of early retirement?

There are many things related to early retirement, but the thing that will be highlighted is the damages of early retirement

There are a lot of new studies that prove that not resorting to early retirement can help in enhancing a person's thinking skills and cognition as well.

There are many German researchers who have found that working until the age of 67 helps work to resist Alzheimer's and other diseases that can negatively affect a person's cognitive functions.

It is noteworthy that the results showed that the person will also benefit from a longer working period, regardless of his nationality, educational level or the level of complexity of the job.

Also, many researchers have found that people who have more complex jobs also have a lower incidence of mental illness and problems than people who have less complex jobs.

It is worth noting that there is another study conducted by Georgetown University Medical Center that there are a lot of mental skills such as multitasking and multi-prioritization improve after the age of fifty years

The researchers also found that people who are retired show a decline in their mental abilities faster than those who are still working, and indications were that retired people lost memory by about 20% in all the tests that were taken compared to people who are still working.

There is also an effect on cognition in older adults because they will lack social contact when they go through retirement

A person who resorts to retirement must maintain their activity, exercise and eat healthy food, as well as fill the free time that they will have in the many different and varied activities that can be done at this age

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