The wisdom of the prohibition of pork

In this article, we present to you the explanation of the wisdom behind the prohibition of pork and what is the lesson in the prohibition of pork in Islam and why pork is forbidden by Muslims and Shiites in the Qur’an, scientific and scientific miracles, and what is the relationship between pork and jealousy, and knowing the reasons for the prohibition of pork in Judaism, and what is the reason for the prohibition of pork in the Bible And the prohibition of pork and alcohol, and what is the reason for the prohibition of pork among the Shiites, and what is the story of the prohibition of pork in English and Arabic Islam Web

The wisdom of the prohibition of pork in Islam, Judaism, the Bible and the Shiites

Pork is one of the meat that is eaten by many people around the world, and there are many people who say that pork is smart and similar to other meat, but as it is with It is known in Islamic law that eating pork is forbidden for many reasons

There are many people who wonder about this matter, and this is what will be answered in this article, and the topic of "the wisdom of prohibiting pork" will be highlighted.

Islamic Sharia forbids eating pork, and this matter is mentioned in many Islamic texts contained in the Book of God. It is not permissible to eat pork by Muslims unless the person is about to die and there is no food in front of him, then he can eat pork after that, because according to Sharia the necessities bans allowed

What is the reason for the prohibition of pork in Islam?

The Islamic Sharia does not mention anything special about the prohibition of pork, but there is a lot of evidence that proves that pork causes harm to the human body.

Islam has prohibited pork, and Muslims all over the world will abide by this command, implement God’s commands, and abide by the Shari’ah. Rather, it is about the reasons or the special ruling regarding its prohibition. There is no explicit evidence for that, but rather the wisdom and reasons that were stated by the people of knowledge.

There are many people who degrade pigs because they feed on harmful abilities that are considered dirty for humans, such as dead mice and many other things.

The pig is also considered a filthy animal because it feeds on dirt and things that harm those who eat it

There are many jurists who have prohibited its meat as well. Pork has been prohibited in many different and diverse religions, not only in Islam.

What is the wisdom of prohibiting pork?

God Almighty has prohibited pork to protect humans and because it is vulnerable to infection with a large number of parasites that infect humans, including small animals that cause many diseases found in pork, and their only source for humans is pork and cause liver and intestinal diseases

There is also a special worm present in pork and its life cycle is natural, which is to move from human to pig so that its eggs are in pork and then move to the person who ate this meat

There are many symptoms that a person may develop if we eat pork, including intestinal disorders, pain, difficulty breathing, inflammation of the stomach and spinal cord, as well as many neurological and mental diseases, and in some cases these symptoms may reach the stage of death.

There are many scientists who also forbid eating animal fat, especially pig, because, as experiments have proven, it is one of the most important causes that cause gallstones, atherosclerosis, and many other heart diseases.

Therefore, the prohibition of pork in Islamic law has many reasons, in addition to all this, as studies have proven that pork causes many diseases for humans, so it should be avoided.

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